Effective and Responsible Government 

Edmontonians are no strangers to hard work and as your City Councillor, I will work hard to represent Ward 4 interests. My objective is to:

  • Reduce the tax burden on citizens
  • Ensure City Council has better oversight of major projects
  • Eliminate any wasteful spending
  • Foster economic development throughout the city and Ward 4


Keeping government accountable will shift tax dollars to services and projects that our communities need. The current Council lacks the experience to make sure we are on time and within budget. We’ve seen it time and time again with projects like Walterdale Bridge and the LRT. It is time we prioritize Northeast Edmonton through neighbourhood renewal, accessible public services (police and fire stations; recreation centres), public transit, road maintenance and development, and economic development.


The development of the Edmonton Energy and Technology Park needs to become a priority on Council to drive growth and job creation in the Northeast. The lack of development in the city’s Northeast is a missed opportunity, and we need to take advantage of it as soon as possible. We also need to prioritize local companies, who know our needs as a city, over non-local workers and businesses. Ward 4 has the opportunity to be a leader in the city’s future economic development. By sourcing our materials, people, and resources from within Edmonton, we can strengthen our municipal economy.

Instead of outsourcing our public art and culture, Council also needs to support all the talented local artists we have living here. We are able to harness the vibrancy and energy of our city and support its growth. This idea of supporting the economic development of Edmonton from the inside out is particularly important for Ward 4 because it is time for Northeast Edmonton to grow and prosper.


Community Revitalization and Development 

Ward 4 is made up of diverse communities, all of which deserve to have their hard-earned tax dollars put towards improving their communities. This starts with responsibly allocating tax dollars towards effectively maintaining and revitalizing existing neighbourhoods. I will:

  • Ensure City planning is an open and transparent process, with the best interests of our communities top of mind.
  • Ensure that our neighbourhoods have access to the same great schools, green spaces, and recreational facilities that exist in other parts of the city.
  • Make accessible public transportation to all community members a priority.
  • Push for incentivised development of the Energy and Technology Park, creating jobs for residents for Ward 4 and producing needed revenue for the city.


Ward 4 is growing and new developments represent an ever increasing part of our community. Northeast Edmonton needs to be part of the City’s plan. In particular, we need to take advantage of the vacant land found throughout our ward. This is a missed opportunity. As an ideal location for industrial development, it can and should be utilized, ultimately leading to more jobs for Edmontonians. I will represent Ward 4 and fight to make sure its growing needs are met.

Community Safety and Satisfaction

It is very important that residents feel safe and secure in their neighbourhoods and in their homes. I will:

  • Work with law enforcement to ensure public spaces are safe and that Ward 4 communities have one of the lowest crime rates in the city.
  • Ensure that as we further develop Northeast Edmonton, all public services (such as fire departments) are situated to ensure rapid response times to keep residents in new neighbourhoods safe.
  • Push for a reevaluation of photo radar; the system should be based on saving lives not on driving revenue.  
  • Work in collaboration with these departments and community members to ensure we are making the best decisions for our neighbourhoods.


We also want to make sure that our communities continue to be active and vibrant. I will:

  • Push for the creation of more accessible parks, neighbourhood amenities, recreation centres, local businesses, and other important services throughout Ward 4.
  • Create opportunities for youth involvement in their neighbourhoods through programmings, community initiatives and events, and volunteerism.
  • Invest more in our community leagues so we can continue to build our city from the grassroots up.

Improving the quality of life and increasing community engagement for all Ward 4 residents means creating opportunities and providing important services. I believe this is an essential component of healthy and vibrant communities and will make it a priority as City Councillor.

Public Consultation and Engagement 

The decisions made by City Council affect the daily lives of each and every individual living in our city. Currently, Council and City Administration do not appreciate or utilize public feedback and engagement when making important long term decisions impacting the future of Edmonton. Too often we hear of decisions made behind closed doors, or without community consultation.

Therefore, I want to assure the people of Ward 4 that not only will I represent them on City Council but do so in a way that reflects the wants and needs of the community. This will be done:

  • Through consultation with a variety local community groups and diverse individuals making up the Ward.
  • By ensuring that the people of Northeast Edmonton are heard and their input is the driving force behind my tenure as Councillor.


The democratic process shouldn’t just stop at the polls. Rather, it should be a consistent presence throughout all levels of government. From issues such as public spending to the creation of projects aimed at benefiting our communities, I intend to keep an open dialogue between myself and the constituents of Ward 4. Examples of this type of dialogue would include well publicized and accessible public hearings, online polls and community engagement events.