"Let's rally behind Hassan Haymour and bring him to Edmonton City Council! He is the person with new fresh ideas and an innovative mind that will contribute to the progress of Edmonton! Hassan is a good friend to the Filipino community!"

Jun Angeles
President of the Congress of the Philippine Association of Alberta

"I have been fortunate to live in North Edmonton for 34 years of my life. My parents immigrated to this country, carrying only a dollar and a dream, that one day our family could find opportunities in Canada that we did not have access to in the Caribbean. Hassan Haymour is someone who more than most people I’ve encountered in Edmonton understands this dream. And in 20+ years he has realized his family's dreams as well. A successful businessman, university graduate, husband, brother and son; he has exceeded all expectations of newcomers and 2nd generation Canadians in our country. Paramount to the success Hassan has demonstrated in the business, academic and political world is his humanitarian and philanthropic efforts in our city. From championing the implementation of Arabic into our school systems to various community outreach and youth sporting initiatives including the Pride of the Northside tournament (which I am the Director of), he has always placed the needs of the people ahead of any personal gains. I witnessed his selfless commitment and passion for his community first hand at the Pride of the North. When given an opportunity to take advantage of the spotlight, without hesitation, he humbly deferred his praise and requested that all of the other volunteers be acknowledged and supported. He is the quintessential North Edmontonian; humble, hard working, and heartfelt. His track record is impeccable, his service to the public is exceptional and his loyalty to his community is unmatched. He’s not only the best candidate for his district, he also demonstrates all of the best qualities of a trusted and loyal friend. Citizens of Ward 4 join me in my support of Hassan Haymour as our representative in city council. Vote Hassan!"

Andrew G. Parker
Head Basketball Coach at M.E. LaZerte High School

"On behalf of the Horse Hill Community League, I would like to extend our appreciation of your sponsorship for our summer events. Your support has greatly contributed to the success of the events.
We wish you success in your political endeavors." 

Alicia Farrell
President of Horse Hill Community League