Edmonton Energy & Technology Park: The Future of Job Growth and Economic Development

When you think about Northeast Edmonton, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Home. Family. Community. Built by generations of Edmontonians, neighbourhoods such as McLeod, Belvedere, Bannerman, and Fraser are great areas of the city to build a home, raise a family and grow a community. The future of Northeast Edmonton is bright, but only with effective leadership in City Council and an investment in our future.


Edmonton is currently missing out on developing our economy and creating jobs because of the lack of leadership in City Council. The Edmonton Energy and Technology Park (EETP) in Northeast Edmonton is the future of our city and previous Councillors have not made it enough of a priority.

The EETP is part of Canada’s largest hydrocarbon processing area, part of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. This greenfield development has been designed to service our resource extraction industry, while also growing the petrochemical, manufacturing, logistics and other support industries. This multi-industry park is well positioned to become one of North America’s premier eco-industrial hubs, bringing economic and job growth to the entire city and province.

The idea for the creation of the EETP began in 2008. It is now 2017 and the City has yet to dramatically move forward with this much needed development. The EETP in Northeast Edmonton would provide a major economic boost to the entire city, and in particular to Ward 4 residents. Through its development, Edmontonians will benefit from the creation of upwards of 100,000 jobs near and within their communities. We would also see business and residential growth in surrounding areas, creating offshoot economic growth as a result of the EETP.

The EETP will provide a significant and much needed non-residential tax base, resulting in long term revenue and financial stability for the city. The EETP is strategically placed to become one of the leading eco-industrial parks in the world. Connecting Anthony Henday, Manning Drive, and Highways 28 and 37, this is an ideal location for this industrial development. Not only does the site have easy access to major roadways in Edmonton, such as the Yellowhead and Anthony Henday, it is also easily accessible to Highway 28 and 63, connecting Edmonton to Fort McMurray. This location provides major advantages for businesses to invest in Edmonton over other major cities and industrial developments.

Ward 4 needs leadership in City Council and a Councillor that represents the best interests of constituents. I will do so by taking the time to hear your opinions and concerns, through community outreach and events. I will also fight to ensure that EETP moves forward and serves the city through the creation of jobs and revenue. I will collaborate and work with community leaders to make EETP not only a reality, but a development Ward 4 residents can feel good about.

My experience as a Power Engineer working in the energy and petroleum sector gives me an in-depth and personal understanding of the industry. I also have a network of people and resources to champion the EETP. My experience gives me the perspective and leadership that City Council needs to take this project from an idea to a reality.

We want to balance the benefits of the economic and industrial growth with the maintenance of our vibrant and healthy communities. We also want to ensure that as growth continues, the City  is keeping up with the infrastructure and services essential for meeting the needs of our growing city.

Our neighbourhoods and roads need to be safe and services such as fire departments and hospitals must be accessible to everyone. The EETP is an exciting opportunity for Ward 4 and we need to work together with all neighbourhoods and community members to turn this idea into a successful reality.